ICF / ID Unit

Intermediate Care Facility/Intellectual Disability (ICF/ID)

There is nothing more satisfying than achieving a high level of independence and success. The Country View ICF/ID intermediate care facility for the intellectually disabled provides residential, day programming, and vocational training services for persons with intellectual disabilities. We specialize in providing active treatment in a highly structured environment to develop their skills and independence. Our trained staff assist each client in reaching their individualized goals. Our 34 bed ICF/ID unit provides a valuable piece of the community services puzzle. We serve a variety of clients from children to adults. While intellectual disabilities may be their primary diagnosis, they may also have co-existing mental health conditions. Our day program provides opportunities to participate in a variety of activities to develop skills and enable them to become more involved in our community. Our staff strives to provide a caring and supportive environment that promotes client success, satisfaction, and independence.

On the ICF/ID unit we provide:

  • Leisure activities
  • Community outings
  • Therapy consultants
  • Small group interaction
  • Day program activities
  • 24 hour nursing services
  • Behavior management programs
  • Vocational training activities
  • A professional and caring team